AAAS publishes six respected peer-reviewed journals. This particular issue presents papers one commentary, one evaluate, and three authentic analysis articles, together with papers on neural and biobehavioral capabilities of human dance, a new mouse model for evaluation of countermeasures towards hydrogen sulfide-induced neurotoxicity and neurological sequelae, and winter storm intensity, hazards, and property losses within the New York tristate

Working scientists usually take for granted a set of basic assumptions which can be needed to justify the scientific method: (1) that there is an objective reality shared by all rational observers; (2) that this objective reality is governed by natural laws; (3) that these laws can be found by way of systematic observation and

That’s a key number, as a result of scientists are converging on the assumption that ice cliffs of about this height above the water stage are now not sustainable and collapse beneath their own weight — that means that once you get a glacier this tall up against the ocean, it tends to crumble and crumble, resulting in quick retreat and doubtlessly quick sea stage

The youngest drowned corals date to the top of the final ice age, round eleven,500 years in the past — similar to what scientists believe had been giant warming events in the northern hemisphere and so-referred to as meltwater pulses from now melted ice sheets.

Subsequent we tried different distances, comparing the time for the entire size with that for the half, or with that for 2-thirds, or three-fourths, or indeed for any fraction; in such experiments, repeated many, many, occasions.” Galileo solved the problem of time measurement by weighing a jet of water collected during the descent of the bronze ball, as said in his Two New Sciences.